Framing the Revolution

Photographs: Cali, 2021 (Hernán Barón Camacho & Carlotta Solari)

On the 28th April 2021, country-wide protests were sparked in Colombia in response to new tax and health care reforms, severe poverty increased by the covid-19 pandemic and general corruption within the government of Iván Duque. The government’s response was merciless, the military was deployed in most big cities and dozens of protesters were killed across the country.

On the way into the city of Cali upon our arrival from Europe, through our Uber driver’s mobile phone we witnessed the murder of Nicholas Guerrero by the police, which was recorded and shared live of Instagram by a bystander.

During the following days we kept thinking about the haunting images we had seen- and that we kept on seeing, as a great quantity of images of the protests and violence were being shared live through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. We decided to quickly organise a grassroots cycle with the help of our friends. We screened five films, in different locations and with different audiences- the theme was images of revolutions through the years and across the globe.

5 screenings across 5 locations