Amorfatalp is a digital archive in the making. A place where different projects that approach the image (sound) from a practical, pedagogical and critical perspective, take place. The records of the projects-experiments are stored and hosted on this website, where they can be seen or heard.

In an interview for Hungarian television, shortly before his death, the philosopher of technical images Vilém Flusser said: "Revolution no longer is a political event. Revolution becomes an inversion of the intention of the apparatus.” Amorfatalp wants to invert the intention of the apparatus, to make room in the duplicated online space for the in-construction and the rugged, the sensorial and the tragic. Amorfatalp wants to learn to read, but above all to write "back".



Hernán Barón Camacho is a Colombian artist and filmmaker interested in the relations between fiction and document, story and history, film archives and home movies, selfhood and otherness. His research wants to move towards the limits of representation, where a screen is at the same time a window and a wall.

Carlotta Solari is an Italo-Belgian artist and filmmaker concerned with the fate of family images and objects. Her artistic research wants to highlight the importance of archives, both official and unofficial. Today she is increasingly worried about the future of private digital archives.

Daniela Silva Solórzano
is a Mexican filmmaker who likes to film every day with her mobile phone. She is very interested in filming and sharing the power of everyday images, filming and portraying the lives of her friends. She is interested in personal archives, in what objects say about people who are no longer there, and in first-person films.

Hernán, Carlotta and Daniela met in Europe in 2018 while studying on the documentary film directing masters Doc Nomads. In 2020, during the first Covid-19 lockdown, they shared a tiny flat in Lisbon. It is during that time, between baking sourdough bread and watching films together, that the idea of amorfatalp started to emerge.

Contact us: amorfatalp@gmail.com