In our ritualised ways of watching and reflecting on moving images -in cine clubs and festivals- most of the attention is placed on the author (I) who signs the film, and none on the spectator (You), to whom all the images of the world are directed to. It is from the constantly mobile position of the spectator that images are signified once and again, it is in the mind of the spectator that films come to life. After a screening, it is the film that ends and the spectator who begins...

2 is a crowd
emerges out of a love for cinema and a desire to question our relationship to images. How are films and images articulated in regards to power and resistance, alterity and identity, coloniality and modernity, centre and periphery, history and memories? and how are all these questions crystallised in the images? In a world fabricated by images, little importance seems to be put on the act of seeing.

2 is a crowd takes place over a series of cycles while playfully rethinking and experimenting with the cine club format. Each cycle triggers certain reflections, which are the result of the encounter between the images and the spectator. The outcomes of these encounters can take different forms and are curated and archived here.

2 is a crowd cine.club is a project created and curated by Carlotta Solari and Hernán Barón Camacho.

Born during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, it is a direct response to a need to dream up new spaces for encounter, discussion and provocation.

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